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Getting into Cambridge is tough, so many people are preparing themselves fully to give them the best chance. With our database of current students and alumni (lecturers too), we can offer a range of help for those who wish to find out more and tip the balance in their favour. Everyone has their own circumstances, so we don’t offer generic packages, but tailor our offerings to your needs.

Please contact us to discuss this further, but below are some ideas of the help we have given in the past:

  • Talk to someone early on to find out what Cambridge is like as a whole, how the system works, and whether Cambridge is the best place for you.
  • Find out what it is like to be a student here, coupled with a private tour of the city.
  • Discuss which college will suit you best.
  • Talk to someone in your subject area or someone from a college you are interested in.
  • Have someone review your application and CV/Supplementary Application Questionnaire.
  • Get advice on the interview process, and practice interviews.
  • Receive extra tuition in your subject area.

There is no substitute for getting first-hand information to enable you to maximise your chances of getting into Cambridge. So get in contact today and we can discuss the best programme for you.